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Early Beginnings

With over six years of background in the food industry and a passion for entrepreneurship, the creation of Rob’s Mini Donuts was inevitable. Rob has always had a passion for food and cooking. Throughout his educational career, he worked countless hours in food services and continued to work various restaurant jobs while attending the University of Northern Iowa.

In September of 2018, Rob's Mini Donuts started on a journey to serve not only the best tasting mini donuts but also some of the most iconic and donuts ever known. Occasionally, in addition to the classic cinnamon and sugar donuts, we have served specialty donuts such as chocolate, strawberry, cookie dough, oreo, peanut butter, cheesecake, coffee beer donuts all around the state of Iowa at various craft fairs, church events, summer camps, fall festivals, tailgates, and large, multiple-day events all across the state of Iowa.

With a mobile mini donut factory equipped with an automatic machine that produces the best tasting mini donuts you’ve ever eaten, Rob and his truck are easily the most popular at any event he attends. They’re so good that tens of thousands have already been sold and consumed state-wide. With the capacity to produce over 1200 donuts per hour and with a 45 min setup time, you can be enjoying hot, fresh, delicious mini donuts in no time at all.




Assembled in 1983 in the little town of Hirshberg, Pennsylvania the finishing touches were added in Shawano, Wisconsin. It soon found a home with the Wisconsin S.W.A.T Team. Serving as a mobile command center, this truck would house over six S.W.A.T team specialists that used over 15 radio antennas on the roof to communicate with emergency services that were active in the field. 

This truck did not miss out on the thrill of being an emergency vehicle. With 650 horsepower under the hood, this truck and its potential 12 tons of cargo can cruise at 60 mph to any scene with the aid of its 20 exterior flashing exterior lights and siren system. Once set up, this mobile command center could be operational for an entire week. Hidden below the massive 100 gal fuel tank supplies the onboard 5 kW generator with enough power to run communication equipment, multiple computers, and other various devices. Also underneath, the extensive propane pack allowed this impressive unit to operate in the winter with its heating/cooling system.

In 2010, after serving operations around the state of Wisconsin, the time for its next chapter had come. Sent straight to the body shop, a majority of the 1/4 inch bulletproof paneling was unsheathed. The siren and light bar atop the truck was disengaged and the furnace was removed. Leaving its next owners with a blank canvas. Thus, Rob’s Mini Donuts (the mobile edition) came into being. 


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